Friend first, advisor second.

Many of my best clients are also my trusted friends.

I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Associate Estate Planning Practitioner (AEPP)
“You have never been old and sick. How do you know?”

But I do know. Years ago, I was involved in a terrible accident which left me handicapped and helpless. On top of the emotional struggles, I had to deal with the financial burden of the medical bills. The burden spilled beyond just myself, involving my family members as well. I was lucky that with the support around me, I managed to pull through—but the same cannot be said for others who are not so fortunate.

The accident has thought me the important of planning for the unexpected. For many, financial planning is a daunting and tedious challenge, therefore I committed myself to make the process simple, interesting and easy to understand.

My passion eventually led me to graduate with Honours in Banking and Finance from the University of London. I have also acquired all licensing examinations (M5, M8, M8A, M9, M9A and HI).

I have spent years understanding finances; in the 4 years since starting my professional career as a independent financial practitioner, I have served many clients who are impressed with my level of service and quality of advice. With my help, you will be able to achieve clarity in your financial goals

  • Testimony

    “"Having been the financial advisor of my husband and I for the last four years, Yew Chai has always been reliable and resourcefull. He has gone many extra miles and is very personal. He is detailed and thorough in helping us plan for our retirement making sure all areas are covered. He is one person we always turn to when we need help and advice."”

    Siew Yin jimmy Ong at

  • Testimony

    “"Isaac is one of the few advisors i have met that impresses me with his passion for financial planning. He has helped me to improve my financial planning and gave me valuable advices. Once again, thank you for your time and effort"”

    Alice Ng at

  • Testimony

    “Isaac provides very professional advice in the area of family financial planning. He is reliable, trustworthy and practical in his approach of investment. Isaac also renders timely regular updates of our financial plans.”

    Hing Loon at

  • Testimony

    “"Isaac is one of the few advisors I have met that treats you like a friend rather than a client. His passion, patience and sincerity has changed my perception on financial planning."”

    Cindy Ong at


Financial Management

New to Financial Planning? Let me help.

Many of us know how to make money, but few know how to use their money to work harder for themselves. Apart from investments, you can also use your hard-earned money to enhance and protect the lives of your loved ones.

Fortune favours the early planner. It is never too early to plan, and you need the right help you can get to navigate across the financial landscape.

Questions to Help You Get Started

Ever heard of the 4 ‘what if’s in life?

What if you live too long?
What if you live too short?
What if you become disabled or critically ill?
What if you become mentally impaired?

Have you ever taken a minute to think about the questions above?

Your life is entwined with your love ones. Why not take time from your busy schedule to plan ahead for them?

It is never too early to start.

Starting early helps you and your family communicate your collective goals and plan the steps needed to reach them.

Last minute planning is rarely effective and often risky. Imagine if your child needs $100,000 to pursue an overseas education next year, how would the sudden news make you feel. Would you be able to finance your child’s dreams?

How do you know you are getting the right plan?

Plans consist of financial instruments to help you achieve your goals; as such it depends on your preferences and situation.

Some guidelines include:
Do you prefer high risk with high returns or are you conservative?
How does this plan fit into your overarching plans?
What are your reasons for purchasing such a plan?

Is financial planning for my children essential?

Many parents underestimate how an early start in life can help propel their children ahead of the rest. Planning early for their tertiary education, business start-up capital and marriage fund gives yourself and them a peace of mind to pursue greater things in life.

It is highly recommended for children to cultivate good financial management skills. Handling finances maturely and understanding the value of money and savings are lessons that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.

The last thing you want is a suprise

Financial planning is not simple, but it can be systematic. Using my four pillars of finances, I can map out your financial possibilities and plan for the unexpected.

Wealth Accumulation

We crave ownership of property, cars, businesses, stocks, bonds, etc. Yet have you thought about how to acquire them? You need savings before you can finance an asset.Plans for wealth accumulation include choosing the right financial instruments to make your money work harder for you.

Risk Management
(Wealth Protection)

Do you know that you are exposed to risks the moment you get off your bed?

You may slip and fall in the bathroom while going about our morning routines. Or you may fall off the chair/ladder when reaching for a document high up on the shelves.

While we cannot eliminate risks, we can minimise the impact. It is all about managing risks.

Wealth Management

What happens when you have amassed significant wealth? Most people carelessly spend it away but a smart planner will know how to manage and protect his wealth through diversification.

Wealth Distribution

After years of accumulation, leave a legacy by distributing your wealth to your loved ones. A properly managed “will writing” process prevents disputes and preserves your hard-earned wealth for generations to come.

An easy, guided, no-obligation process

I take care of all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. With your feedback and my experience, we can process, plan and make recommendations to help you achieve the financial freedom you always wanted.


Every financial situation taken care of

Services I Provide

Personal Financial
Planning Management

Family Financial
Planning Management

Business Risk
Management Planning

Retirement Planning

Will Planning

Services Fees

Financial planning process involves high level of technical skills and man-hours to produce a tailor made plan for client. Charges will apply to client if he/she wishes to receive financial advice’s only.

Financial advisory fees may be waived when client proceed to implement and work on the long term relationship.

(At Least 3 Needs)

First Time Consultation
Yearly Review

Discussion on Your Individual and Financial Goals
(For Example, Protection Planning, Retirement Planning, etc.)
Going Into Details of your financial Position and Your Current Portfolio
Analysis and Report of Your Financial Health
Discussion on Various Strategies to Achieves Your Objectives
Implementation of the Solution
*Rates are subject to adjustment depending on the complexity of the planning
(At Least 1 Need)

First Time Consultation
Yearly Review

Discussion of Your Specific Needs
(For example, Retirement Planning)
Going Through Your Current Financial Position
Analysis and Report of Your Financial health
Discussion on Various Strategies to Achieve Your Objectives
Implementation of the Solution
*Rates are subject to adjustment depending on the complexity of the planning
You can plan anytime-today, tommorow, or next month.
Yet, when the unexpected happens, you wished you planned years ago and was prepared
yesterday-exactly what i felt at the moment of my accident. it doesn’t have to be this way.